StoP – The Slovenian Percussion Project


The percussion ensemble SLOVENSKI TOLKALNI PROJEKT, or SToP for short, was founded in 1999. Academically educated musicians gathered to play quality chamber music and exploit new percussion sounds. They upgrade their musical and social mission by staging educational concerts for the young, by organising seminars and the BumFest festival and by actively encouraging Slovenian composers to write percussion music.

The unique ensemble consists of established percussionists from different parts of Slovenia: Barbara Kresnik, Marina Golja, Matevž Bajde, Damir Korošec, Franci Krevh, Tomaž Lojen, Davor Plamberger and Dejan Tamše. They have played on numerous stages in Slovenia and abroad.

Recently StoP has become involved in other musical and non-musical art genres: singing, dancing, video etc. Thus it has discovered synergy in other art fields and (consciously) shifted from performing strictly classical percussion programme. The ensemble won the Župančič Award in 2013 and the Prešeren Fund Award in 2014.Endorsments: Dream Cymbals & Innovative Percussion


SToP uporablja činele in gonge Dream Cymbals


SToP uporablja udarjalke INNOVATIVE PERCUSSION

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